June 9th event update..

Come visit the café on June 9. 2018 anytime between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. I will be in attendance so we can have a quick hello or a coffee.

One lucky person will receive a new original piece at the end of the day. My way of saying “thanks for the support” and venturing out on a Saturday afternoon.

Hope to see you!


549 Sammon Ave.  Toronto, Ontario M4J2B3
Phone:  (416) 463-4646

Exhibit date announcement…

I am happy to advise that I will be installing new works on the evening of Saturday May 12, 2018 at “The Last Drop Café.”

Come check it out and have a coffee, drink or lovely lunch. Better yet – join me there on a planned Saturday.

Looking forward to May and hope to connect with some of you in person.



549 Sammon Ave.  Toronto, Ontario M4J2B3
Phone:  (416) 463-4646




March 7, 2018

Well it has been a busy few weeks. After recovering from hand surgery recently, I am happy to get back into the thick of the paint and the joy of creating.

Starting new work in anticipation of selecting several pieces to exhibit in May. Check out the new pieces posted today. They all have a story – see if you can make your own… I have shared mine below the image.


Lake George 1970

“Lake George 1970′

This little piece is inspired by a lovely, calm, small lake that family used to gather at in Nova Scotia.  I remember being out in a motorboat at age 7 with my Uncle J, and coming around the rocks near my great grandparents cottage. The image of the beautiful trees and the reflection on the water has been etched in my mind since.

Upcoming exhibit

I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting new works at the “Last Drop” café in East York. A fabulous place to have a coffee, snack and great conversation.

Planned exhibit to commence early May 2018.

More information will be posted once a confirmed date is assigned.


Last Drop Café, 549 Sammon Ave. East York, ON M4J 2B3   (416) 463-4646


This week: Feb 1.18

I am often asked why I paint, or what started my interest. It is not a straight forward answer as there were, and are many reasons. The most important would be to share the vision that I see constantly-colour! I think in colour, I dream in colour and I see it everywhere, in everything and it moves me.

When I was a teenager I wanted to attend art school. I never made it there for various reasons, but mostly due to my high school art teacher who thought I had no talent!

Growing up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick I loved to be in the woods, and often would nap under birch trees. I would stare at the “eyes” on the tree and dream of far away worlds that were brilliant and bold.

A birch tree is fascinating, it has so many layers and rejuvenates on a regular basis. It leaves behind a peeling layer, if you pull it back it will show you its story. Much like all of us, we have multiple layers that make us strong and hide us away.