This week: Feb 1.18

I am often asked why I paint, or what started my interest. It is not a straight forward answer as there were, and are many reasons. The most important would be to share the vision that I see constantly-colour! I think in colour, I dream in colour and I see it everywhere, in everything and it moves me.

When I was a teenager I wanted to attend art school. I never made it there for various reasons, but mostly due to my high school art teacher who thought I had no talent!

Growing up in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick I loved to be in the woods, and often would nap under birch trees. I would stare at the “eyes” on the tree and dream of far away worlds that were brilliant and bold.

A birch tree is fascinating, it has so many layers and rejuvenates on a regular basis. It leaves behind a peeling layer, if you pull it back it will show you its story. Much like all of us, we have multiple layers that make us strong and hide us away.